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According to Deloitte’s State of AI in the enterprise, 2nd Edition, the most popular path to acquiring AI capabilities is enterprise software with integrated AI. Overwhelmingly, this software is cloud-based, either through public or private cloud deployments. Fifty-seven percent of our AI survey respondents globally use it now, and an additional 37 percent plan to use it within the next two years. For example, 60 percent of enterprises are expected to move their IT systems to cloud by 2019 as a part of their digital transformation initiatives.As the primary value proposition of cloud continues to shift from “cost/efficiency” to “innovation acceleration,” multicloud strategies should play a crucial role in this transformation. A recent executive survey suggests that 67 percent of executives are either using a hybrid model (a mix of on-premise and public/private cloud) or considering it as a future option.

2019 is also the year for enterprises to begin exploring one other emerging technology category: Blockchain. As people and devices increasingly become connected, identity/privacy protection has become a prime concern.

Here is what we have to offer to build towards these capabilities:

Introduction to Blockchain and Ethereum

Python® Programming: Introduction

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